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Hidden Teens, Hidden Lives

Primary Sources From the Holocaust

Series: True Stories of Teens in the Holocaust

By Linda Jacobs Altman

Hiding behind a double wall in a ghetto in Poland, ten-year-old Aaron Elster heard gunshots and people screaming. In moments, Nazi troops discovered his family and herded them into the street, where Nazis were gunning people down. This young boy's hiding place did not save his family that time, but thousands of Jews went into hiding during the Holocaust. Barns, trapdoors, bunkers, secret attics, forged identity papers, and fake names became tools for survival. Author Linda Jacobs Altman uses primary sources to detail the stories of many Jews who went into hiding to survive the Nazi's planned extermination of Europe's Jews.

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"Many histories use primary sources but fail to do so effectively. These books succeed by integrating into their narratives lengthy quotes from Jewish and other teens whose lives were endangered or changed by the Nazi regime . . . Certain to capture readers' attention, these are excellent purchases."

School Library Journal, April 2010

"Photographs, lists of resources, and chapter notes make the information accessible and encourage further reading."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2010

"The first-person stories draw on oral histories and interviews in museum archives, and Altman does a great job of providing historical context and realistic commentary for the individual experiences . . . Students will want to move on to the useful listing of archival Web sites included in the back matter."

Booklist, April 1, 2010

". . . this book presents excerpts from firsthand accounts of people hiding from the Nazis and those hiding others from the Nazis. The passages are intertwined to form cohesive sections of the book . . . What makes this book unique is the plethora of youth voices presented."

Children's Literature

". . . a good reference for students just learning about the Holocaust and its implications."

Denton Independent School District, May 26, 2010

"This book will be on the hot list of students in middle school and high school as there is so much interest in this time period."

Irving Independent School District, December 31, 2010

". . . a solid series with a lot of eyewtiness accounts . . ."

The Jewish Valuesfinder

"This is a promising series to help with writing research projects."

Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries, May 24, 2010

". . . one of the most amazing books written about the holocaust . . . students will get a firsthand account of what being a Jew meant during such a horrific time in our history. This would be outstanding support material for any student interested in the holocaust and World War II. A must have for social studies classrooms and high school libraries."

Denver Public Schools, September 27, 2010

"This is an excellent research tool . . . because . . . there are personal narratives from teenagers who were lucky enough to live through the holocaust. Some didn’t make it."

Infolink Book Evaluation Program, October 8, 2010

"A fascinating read that uses exciting prose, real diary excerpts, and lots of photographs to tell this true story."

Richardson Independent School District, March 2, 2010

". . . a must have book for students doing research on the Holocaust."

Garland Independent School District, December 6, 2010

"Accounts are well researched and although tragic not overly graphic."

Arlington Independent School District, April 7, 2010

". . . this book leaves a powerful message of survival in the face of extreme hardship."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2010

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