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Investigating Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Real Facts for Real Lives

Series: Investigating Diseases

By Abigail Meisel

It can be hard for teens if they or their family members suffer from depression. This book gives all the answers to questions teens may have about depression and bipolar disorder. Everything from the history of these disorders to their treatment options and stories of real teens dealing with depression are covered.

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"Depression and bipolar disorder are often misunderstood among adults, so looking at these illnesses in this comprehensive book will be an asset for high school students."

Children's Literature

"This fascinating book describes the evolution of the understanding and treatment of mental disorders . . . The books in this series are concise and engaging for high school students, particularly those who might have a particular disorder or know someone who does. They would be useful as resources for student enrichment and projects in biology or health classes; and they would prove especially valuable for teachers, since students with these disorders can often be found in their classes."

National Science Teachers Association Recommends Web site, posted January 10, 2011

". . . an excellent source for anyone seeking more information on depression and bipolar disorder . . . a great choice for schools where students do research on diseases/medical conditions."

Denton Independent School District, April 20, 2011

These titles are all thorough, accessible, and readable overviews of the topics. Thc books have a straightforward, friendly style . . . All do an excellent job at discussing the topic and providing historical background, daily realities of living with the disease, current research, and opportunities for getting help . . . While the books deal with challenging, and potentially devastating topics, students will feel supported, inspired, and informed after reading them."

Library Media Connection, October 2010

"This is an excellent book for persons from high school age to adults to read and become familiar with these important illnesses."

Science Books & Films, November 2010

"Students assigned a project on any of the topics covered in these titles need look no further. The authors thoroughly examine each disease from all conceivable angles . . ."

School Library Journal, Fall 2010

". . . a very good selection for middle and high school libraries that need solid information about depression and bipolar disorder; it will be useful for reports or for reading to gain a better understanding of the concerns associated with these disorders."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2010

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