Chiara in the Dark

Chiara is gliding through her senior year with ease, with a great babysitting job, a loyal best friend, a loving Indian-Italian immigrant family, and a shot at the summer ice-skating camp of her dreams. Then, out of nowhere, she starts having violent and unwanted thoughts and obsessions. The thoughts won't leave Chiara alone, making her wonder if she's a bad, violent person. Chiara decides to get help through therapy, but the idea of talking about her disturbing thoughts out loud is unthinkable. As Chiara opens up to therapy, she sees a glimmer of hope that she can have her life back. But her dark thoughts lie just beneath the surface, threatening to take it all away.

* Reviews *

"Mental health and wellness lie at the core of this novel in verse that follows high school senior Chiara as she lives an ideal life. Through verse, Chhabra weaves a complex story of the fears and stigma associated with mental health and mental illness, and though readers should be prepared to encounter trauma and violent thoughts, it is a privilege to watch Chiara grow and take control of her life." —Booklist
"A sympathetic and ultimately hopeful story of strength." —Kirkus, STARRED Review
ISBN: 978-1-9785-9594-1
Author: Maya Chhabra
Copyright: 2022
Reading Level: Grades 2-3
Interest Level: Grades 9-12+
Pages: 200
Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"
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