Biology! Best Science Projects

Age Level: 11–up  Grade Level: 6–up

These great new science project books encompass the biology curriculum. The books include excellent experiments for the middle and high school student, covering plants, animals, ecosystems, cells and microbes, and genetics. Using common materials found in the home or school, students can perform simple experiments. There is no better way to understand science than to do science!

  • Best ideas for science fair projects
  • Exciting experiments inspire successful student projects
  • Comprehensive coverage of specific science is simply explained
  • Uses safe procedures and easy-to-obtain materials
  • Supports the Science curriculum
  • 6” x 9”
  • 128pp.
  • Illus. with black-and-white illustrations
  • Contains Internet addresses, a further reading list, a list of science suppliers, and an index
  • Spring 2005
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Cell and Microbe Science Fair Projects Using Microscopes, Mold, and More

Cell and Microbe Science Fair Projects Using Microscopes, Mold, and More

Kenneth G. Rainis
Why are cells small? What is DNA? How do cells eat and move? What is pasteurization? How do molds grow? Why does bread rise? Grab your microscope and start looking for the answers! Cells and microbes are found everywhere, from inside your mouth to the puddle in your backyard...Read More

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