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Top 50 Reasons to Care About Elephants

Animals in Peril

Series: Top 50 Reasons to Care About Endangered Animals

By Mary Firestone

The largest land animals on earth! Besides being well known for their huge size and long trunks, elephants possess many other unique traits that make them special. Did you know elephants live longer than any other mammals except humans? Or that their feet change size when they walk? And like people being right-handed or left-handed, elephants can be right-tusked or left-tusked! Read fifty fun facts about elephants that make these magnificent creatures worth saving from extinction and how you can help.

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"This work is very accessible for reluctant readers and information is well-organized and easy to refer to when researching."

Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, May 5, 2010

"Reluctant readers may be enticed by this series simply because of the great images. This set would make a substantial supplement to the science curriculum when studying endangered animals. Independent readers also will pick up individual books to read about animals in which they are interested."

Library Media Connection, March/April 2010

". . . this is a solid series, and students might be surprised to discover so many complex and varied reasons behind the struggle to save some of the planet's most at-risk creatures."

School Library Journal, April 2010

"Facts are presented in a straightforward format that is clear and easy to read . . . Excellent resource for student research projects."

Infolink Book Evaluation Program, October 8, 2010

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