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There's a Rat in My Soup

Could You Survive Medieval Food?

Series: Ye Yucky Middle Ages

By Chana Stiefel

Eat like a king! Sit down to a meal of eagle, peacock, green-dyed eggs, stuffed pig’s stomach, and blood gravy. Medieval royalty would eat giant feasts filled with strange and exotic dishes. So join in on the fun and find out what food was like during the Middle Ages in this reluctant reader book.

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"The writing style is quick and easy to understand. It is appropriate for reading aloud to younger children, and older children will find it a useful reference about the Middle Ages . . . A page of suggested sources makes it easy to research more material. Students will enjoy the lighthearted style and amusing pictures."

Children's Literature

"This series puts a comedic focus on the smellier, nastier aspects of life in medieval Europe. Each chapter covers a different topic and is balanced between the sensational and the informative. Humorous illustrations keep things lighthearted and fit well with the overall theme."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2012

"Gross is king in this entertaining series . . . the selected topics are sure to appeal to trivia buffs and fans of potty humor . . . The fantastic and funny art amps up the humor . . . each book provides a full picture of its subject . . ."

School Library Journal, Fall 2011

"Thorough coverage is provided, and students will come away with a good base of knowledge about medieval life . . . The tone is light and conversational . . . This series is sure to hold reluctant readers' attention, and they will come away with a better understanding of medieval times."

Library Media Connection, November/December 2011

978-0-7660-4589-7 $27.93 $20.95 + Add to wish list
$27.93 $20.95 + Add to wish list

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