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The Shining City (Malcolm Walker, Book 2)

Series: West 44 Books

By Demitria Lunetta

Mal has finally completed the long, dangerous journey to safety in the Shining City. And though he started the trek with friends, he is now the only survivor. There, in the sparkling metropolis, he believes that he is protected from the dangers of the climate-ravaged world. But as a refugee, Mal must live in special housing, cannot move around freely, and faces extreme prejudice. He learns that he can earn full citizenship by working through an elaborate points system, which involves taking part in deadly jobs and games. Risking his life to become a citizen of the Shining City, Mal realizes that his dream of safety was an illusion. Soon, Mal becomes involved with a group of revolutionaries. In this dystopian sequel to Our Broken Earth, Mal needs to choose between supporting the oppressive system that saved his life and fighting for what’s right.

Paperback Book9781978596443$16.35$14.20

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