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The Mysterious Secrets of Dreams

Series: Investigating the Unknown

By Carl R. Green and William R. Sanford

Did you ever have a dream about winning the lottery? Have you ever had a nightmare with a giant monster chasing you? Believe it or not, you actually dream every night. Dreams are an essential part of our sleep process, and we can learn a lot about our daily lives from them. So why do we dream and what do they mean? Authors Carl R. Green and William R. Sanford unlock the secrets of dreams and other paranormal phenomena show you how to explore your own dream theater in this book for reluctant readers.

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". . . the information is laid out in a user friendly format that makes for easy reading."

Irving Independent School District, February 22, 2013

". . . this book offers simplified explanations for the baffling questions of how, why and when do we dream."

BookLinx Book Evaluation Program, January 30, 2012

"For those interested in dreams and their meaning, this is a fun book to read . . . a good series for a middle school nonfiction collection."

Denver Public Schools, January 30, 2012

"This is sure to capture the interest of middle grade reluctant readers."

Garland Independent School District, March 18, 2012

"Interesting treatment of a fascinating topic . . . Nicely organized and illustrated . . . will serve well as an introduction for curious students."

Richardson Independent School District, January 3, 2012

". . . presents a well-written, well-organized introduction to the topic of dreams."

Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, December 5, 2011

978-0-7660-4607-8 $27.27 $20.45 + Add to wish list
$27.27 $20.45 + Add to wish list

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