Picture of The Fortune-Teller: Book II of The Brightstone Saga
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The Fortune-Teller

Book II of The Brightstone Saga

Series: The Brightstone Saga

By Paul B. Thompson

"Harlano will stop at nothing to capture Orry. The metal head contains magical knowledge that the evil wizard is desperate to obtain. Only the young apprentice Mikal and his scrappy friend Lyra stand in his way. From the Miracle Fair, through the perilous woods of Periskold, down the rushing Tombow River, and to the coast of Farhaven, Mikal and Lyra must evade the powerful Harlano and his henchmen. The two youngsters fight dangerous creatures and face mysterious magic throughout their daring journey. Can they keep Orry safe from Harlano and the dark forces that stand behind him, or will the rogue wizard uncover the secret that could change the world?"


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"The story is simple but told with plenty of drama, action and mystery. While the book can stand alone, readers of 'The Brightworking' will gobble this up and wait breathlessly for the conclusion."

Denver Public Schools, November 11, 2013

"The storyline is simplistic, but for tween readers who enjoy wizards and magic, it is full of adventure and danger. Shapeshifting and magical appearances and disappearances will add to the fun."

Richardson Independent School District, February 27, 2013

"Although this is the second volume of the Brightstone Saga, it reads well as a stand-alone volume."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2013

"The book’s descriptive opening sentences immediately create an atmospheric setting that will draw readers into its world. The fast-paced adventure will have readers eagerly turning the pages to learn of the characters' next dangers and challenges. This second book in the series stands alone, but readers will be eager to start book three as soon as they finish this one."

School Library Journal, April 2013

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