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The Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Series: The Civil War Library

By Carin T. Ford

“Four score and seven years ago . . .” These are familiar words to most Americans. But what led President Lincoln to give his famous speech on a dismal November day in 1863? The answer is the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the bloodiest battles ever fought on American soil. Carin T. Ford takes readers into the heart of combat: detailing the three days of intense fighting, introducing the major players, explaining the generals’ strategies, and sharing firsthand accounts from soldiers and townspeople. The behind-the-scenes exploration of the Gettysburg Address includes Lincoln’s hasty preparation, his own doubts about the speech’s success, and a look at why this brief address made history.

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"A good book to have in an elementary or mid-school library for report writing."

Albuquerque Public Schools

“. . . gives enough information for reports . . . A sound addition where books on the Civil War are in demand.”

School Library Journal, January 2005

"Effective books for the young reader who wants to know about the Civil War."

Library Materials Guide, Spring 2005

"This book offers an interesting look at one of the most famous battles of the Civil War, highlighting some of the notable participants. A useful and attractive resource . . ."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2004

"This book is a great reference tool."

Richardson Independent School District, September 2004

“Quotes, anecdotes, and historical tidbits . . . enliven the discussion of states’ rights, slavery, and the preservation of the Union in these Civil War primers.”

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2005

". . . a helpful resource for any student learning about the civil war. The author has made the war understandable in these easy to read formats without oversimplifying an ugly time in American history. . . interesting for a reader who just wants to know about the civil war."

Denver Public Schools, January 2005

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