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The American Revolution

Series: U.S. History in Review

By Sadie Silva

On April 19, 1775, a shot fired next to a wooden bridge near Concord, Massachusetts changed the course of history forever. This "shot heard round the world" as Ralph Waldo Emerson later memorialized launched the American Revolution. This exciting title delves into the American Revolution's key ideas and events. The text is thoughtfully written to be compelling and accessible to struggling readers and budding historians. It covers the background of the war that created the United States in addition to its important leaders, such as George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. Conflicting viewpoints of patriots and loyalists are also addressed. Eye-catching visuals, a timeline, and fascinating fact-boxes enrich the literary nonfiction text. With these features, young readers will gain a lasting understanding of the war that shaped the American identity and continues to inspire liberation movements to this day.

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9781978529014 $26.93 $20.20 + Add to wish list
$26.93 $20.20 + Add to wish list

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