Picture of Slavery and the Underground Railroad: Bound for Freedom
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Slavery and the Underground Railroad

Bound for Freedom

Series: The Civil War Library

By Carin T. Ford

“I have only one life to lose. I had as well be killed running as die standing.” The famous runaway slave Frederick Douglass eloquently expressed many slaves’ feelings. Carin T. Ford’s compelling history begins with the arrival of Africans in America. The grim depictions of slaves’ lives leave no doubt as to why many dared risk everything to run away. Well-chosen true stories, along with quotes from real slaves, take readers back in time—traveling across the ocean in shackles, into the brutal heart of slavery, and, finally, to refuge, with the promise of freedom and the brave heroes of the Underground Railroad.

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"This book contains information on the history of slavery, the Underground Railroad, and the antislavery movement."

Tucson Unified School District

"Great timeline in back, and authentic photographs were used with illustrations."

Arlington Independent School District, August 2004

“The texts are well organized . . . Unfamiliar terms are explained succinctly and the writing is straightforward . . . Two fine introductions.”

School Library Journal, August 2004

"Recommended for middle school for the lively color design with period photos and paintings will stimulate the reading experience."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, May 2004

"An attractive format with many illustrations and interesting text will engage young readers."

Lincoln Public Schools

"A brief description of the history of slavery in America for young readers."

Richardson Independent School District, April 2004

“Well-chosen, primary-source quotations, culled from a variety of sources, bring the drama up close . . . thoughtfully executed volumes.”

Booklist, July 2004

". . . an exciting book to read. . . . This will be a great resource that will help them to understand the truth about these major events in the history of the United States."

Denver Public Schools, October 2004

"A very thorough book that shows the harsh reality of slavery . . . "

Librarian's Book Review, May 2004

". . . an excellent book about history in America. . . . Excellent book for students to read during African-American History month."

Omaha Public Schools, October 2004

". . . well-illustrated books . . . They are easy-to-read for students past the fourth grade . . ."

Catholic Library World, September 2004

"This book would be an excellent supplement when studying the Civil War, slavery, the Underground Railroad or for use during Black History month . . . well researched and provides the reader with supplementary information . . ."

Erie 2–Chautauqua–Cattaraugus Board of Cooperative Educational Services

"School libraries will benefit from having the whole series so students can do reports. These are excellent history books."

Library Materials Guide, Fall 2004

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