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Sensational Human Body Science Projects

Series: Real Life Science Experiments

By Ann Benbow and Colin Mably

Authors Ann Benbow and Colin Mably introduce young scientists to life science with some great experiments about the human body. Full-color illustrations and easy-to-read text make this book a delightful addition to any science project library. Use the scientific method to learn about senses, fingerprints, and more!

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"The books are written in a question-and-find-out format . . . The questions are paired with active, hands-on, easy-to-do explorations that result in quality science processes and answers."

National Science Teachers Association Recommends Web site, posted November 12, 2009

". . . the book focuses on the theme of the human body and uses a question-answer format to engage young readers . . . this book will help families and elementary teachers understand the basics of inquiry while engaging the natural curiosity children have about their bodies. This unique book is a great addition to the elementary school library, thematic studies of the human body, and a good resource for rainy day activities."

Children's Literature

"This is an easy to understand and perform set of science experiments that can be used for elementary and lower middle school."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2009

"The experiments are simple enough that a student could read and follow the instructions with little adult intervention. As a bonus, there are ideas for expanding on each experiment, potentially for a science fair project. The questions given with each project are open ended and can stimulate thinking."

Science Books & Films, December 2009

"An extraordinary resource for school. This would be a wonderful source of ideas to teach about the human body, a great science fair or science night resource or just a great book for students to learn more about their bodies."

Delaware County Library System, January 10, 2010

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