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Secret of the Sleepless Whales . . . and More!

Series: Animal Secrets Revealed!

By Ana María Rodríguez

Killer whale Kasatka and her calf Nakai showed scientists what they “do not do” to survive the first weeks after the baby is born. Ally the Weddell seal revealed her unexpected hunting tactic under the ice in Antarctica. Popolo the dolphin has revealed how he is able to dive for periods of time that are much longer than the best trained human diver can achieve. Other dolphins like Dodger have brought to the surface the secret strategy they use to avoid dangerous encounters with prey. Henry the harbor seal has shown scientists why murky, dark waters are no problem for him when it is time to find a meal. Join the scientists and their animal partners in an amazing adventure that will reveal secrets of these amazing aquatic mammals!

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"Although designed for reluctant readers, this book is delightful enough to appeal to anyone interested in whales, dolphins, and seals . . . The layout is attractive with numerous photos and fact summaries explaining more about these intriguing creatures."

Library Media Connection, November/December 2008

"Reluctant and low readers will find this book an easy and fun read."

Arlington Independent School District, February 5, 2009

". . . a smart choice for a reluctant reader resource for research."

Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, October 6, 2008

"It is a good addition to the popular non-fiction section of an elementary school library and advertised for reluctant readers . . . the text is clearly written for elementary students."

Southern Maine Library District, July 15, 2008

". . . this book . . . does a thorough job of explaining the behaviors of some marine mammals and the scientific methods used to investigate them . . . the content is solid with seamless explanations of terms, and it's fun to read."

School Library Journal, August 2008

"An informative read for young naturalists."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2008

". . . an excellent reference tool for research . . . Definitely a thumbs/flippers up!"

Denton Independent School District, October 20, 2008

". . . readers learn not just interesting facts but also how scientists approach their subjects and draw conclusions . . . the books are useful starting points for research."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2009

"According to this lively book, aquatic creatures do some amazing things . . . Illustrations are plentiful, and the author is careful to name the relevant scientists and explain how they learned the animals' behavior secrets."

Children's Literature

"It names the contemporary marine biologists who have uncovered the answers to some fascinating secrets of the sea . . . A good resource for intermediate students interested in marine life . . ."

Catholic Library World, December 2008

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