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Secret of the Singing Mice . . . and More!

Series: Animal Secrets Revealed!

By Ana María Rodríguez

Scientists studying lab mice have discovered that this little rodent has something in common with people—particularly when males are looking for a date. Meanwhile, in the country of Chile, scientists have uncovered that the little furry degu has eyes that perceive what people would never see. Ground squirrels can communicate with each other very loudly, but sometimes they whisper . . . what are they saying? Then learn how the bizarre-looking star-nose mole uses its nose underwater in a way scientists never believed possible. Finally, learn what the tiny (but very loud) sac-winged bat has in common with people, especially with babies. Can you guess what it is? Prepare to enter the world of animal secrets!

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". . . readers learn not just interesting facts but also how scientists approach their subjects and draw conclusions . . . the books are useful starting points for research."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2009

"The text is clearly written for the reluctant reader but will attract students who have casual interest in the behavior of small wild animals."

Southern Maine Library District, December 6, 2008

". . . this insightful book takes a look at the fascinating lives of ordinary animals . . . it is well researched and constructed, and is sure to lead the budding naturalist to further research . . . A very good addition to the science collection of a middle school library."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2008

"These books offer fascinating accounts of how scientists systematically analyzed, tested, and proved their theories or how their findings led to other, serendipitous discoveries."

School Library Journal, February 2009

". . . this series will appeal to students who have a strong interest in science. Each chapter is well-researched and may stimulate the reader to further exploration . . . This series would be appropriate for middle school students who have some foundation in biology. This would be a good addition to a basic science collection."

Catholic Library World, September 2009

"This book is fast paced but in depth enough to provide real science content."

Pasadena Independent School District, May 1, 2009

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