Picture of Recycle: Green Science Projects for a Sustainable Planet
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Green Science Projects for a Sustainable Planet

Series: Team Green Science Projects

By Robert Gardner

Join Team Green! Use science to explore ways to be mindful of Earth's environment. Author Robert Gardner guides young readers through many experiments that show readers how waste harms the environment and how to limit their impact. Informative text and projects that employ the scientific method will engage and excite young minds. Readers who are interested in entering science fairs will find additional project ideas.

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"The book is organized in a very clear manner: a description of the problem, followed by several clearly described experiments. Providing plenty of hints and suggestions in addition to bright, colorful pages and easy to read text, this is a great addition to our elementary library."

Essex County Association of School Librarians, February 17, 2011

"The experiments are short, clear and useful."

Eastern Washington Book Review Council

"A book I am sure will be used again and again by educators, families and students who want to go green."

Garland Independent School District, May 18, 2011

"Science and environmental math students will find a wealth of interesting relevant experiments and science projects in this worthwhile volume."

Denver Public Schools, October 25, 2011

". . . provides essential background information and a series of green science projects that get children actively involved in exploring recycling, and it does this in a way that they makes them enthusiastic participants . . . Gardener’s clear, succinct, and engaging style of writing makes this a book middle grade students can use on their own, but it will also serve well as a reference for teachers for introducing students to recycling."

Science Books & Films, February 2012

"Gardner clearly meets his goal of providing a hands-on way for students to better understand why recycling is important and what role they can play now."

Delaware County Library System, February 2011

". . . full of interesting science projects that teachers and other adults could help students with, or demonstrate."

Denton Independent School District, April 21, 2011

". . . a good title for the ever needed science fair section of the library, filled with interesting experiments that would allow students to better understand recycling."

Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries, March 8, 2011

"Gardner's in-depth exploration of green topics will inspire interested students to think outside of the book to discover dynamic science-fair projects and perhaps even pursue careers in thc ever-expanding field of green science."

School Library Journal, April 2011

"All are highly recommended, especially for children's public or school library collections."

Children's Bookwatch, January 2011

978-0-7660-4769-3 $35.27 $26.45 + Add to wish list
$35.27 $26.45 + Add to wish list

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