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Physics Projects with a Light Box You Can Build

Series: Build-a-Lab! Science Experiments

By Robert Gardner

Learn to build your own light box with simple materials from your home. Then start experimenting! Learn all about reflection, refraction, and colors. Start understanding images in a mirror and how to measure the level of light intensity. Many experiments are followed by great ideas for science fair projects.

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". . . this volume is a great addition to every middle school science library."

Catholic Library World, June 2008

"The directions for each one are very specific, and each step is written with great detail . . . Readers of this book will surely gain an interest in physics, and a few may even seek to learn more about this fascinating topic."

Children's Literature, January 2008

" . . . the science is excellent . . . and the projects interesting."

Washington Young Adult Book Review Group, May 2008

"The detailed instructions, accompanied by helpful diagrams, color photographs, and suggestions for science fair projects, allow science-minded readers to form their own conclusions."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2008

"The layout is colorful and organized."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2007

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