Picture of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Champion of Civil Rights
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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Champion of Civil Rights

Series: Heroes of American History

By Edith Hope Fine

Young Martin’s father taught him to love all people of all colors—even when they were unkind. Still, Martin knew that unfairness to African Americans was wrong. Young readers will be roused by the story of the great leader who was beaten and jailed, yet told his followers to “meet hate with love.” Award-winning author Edith Hope Fine masterfully captures King’s legacy of powerful words and peaceful protests and blends the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., into an age-appropriate story of the civil rights movement in the United States.

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". . . the straightforward language and plentiful photos convey the basic information young report writers need in a format that won’t intimidate them."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2006

"Kids of all ages will use these for biographical information. Negatives of racial bias are dealt with clearly without overkill."

Library Materials Guide, Fall 2006

"Young readers will learn how these two heroes not only talked about equality, but also were strong civil rights advocates in their disparate fields."

MultiCultural Review, Fall 2006

". . . information given in a clear concise way."

San Diego Unified School District

"Well-written and stirring . . . An excellent choice for a lesson on civil rights or Black history and American history, designed for the younger student."

Garland Independent School District, September 18, 2006

". . . students can glean excellent information from its pages . . . definitely qualifies as a research tool . . . its interesting pages make it suitable as a read aloud or for browsing as well."

South Sound Book Review Council, March 2006

". . . informative biography . . . a good resource for first-time researchers and may inspire them to read other books to learn more about this incredible man."

BayViews, September 2006

". . . a great addition to our collection. The clear, interesting format will make it easy to use for children working on biography projects."

Delaware County Library System, March 3, 2006

". . . reads well and is fairly comprehensive. Difficult concepts are handled well . . . a very nice addition to a biography collection."

Irving Independent School District, March 4, 2008

". . . an excellent biography . . ."

Southern Maine Library District, June 14, 2006

". . . a good addition to elementary school biography collections . . ."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2006

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