Picture of Lucy Liu: Actress, Artist, and Activist
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Lucy Liu

Actress, Artist, and Activist

Series: Exceptional Asians


When Lucy Liu, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, landed the lead role in her college production of Alice in Wonderland, she could not have known that it would set her on the path to becoming one of the most successful Asian American actors in Hollywood. Through simple text and vivid photos, readers will appreciate Liu’s struggles as she grew up looking different from other girls, and learn about her dedication to important causes such as poverty and women’s rights. A Words to Know section helps readers with new vocabulary, and quotes by Liu shed light on this multifaceted woman who continues to break down barriers as an actor and an activist.

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9780766078253 $23.60 $17.70 + Add to wish list
$23.60 $17.70 + Add to wish list

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