Picture of Jesse Owens: Legendary Track Star
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Jesse Owens

Legendary Track Star

Series: Famous African Americans

By Patricia McKissack and Fredrick McKissack

"I always loved running," said Jesse Owens, who as a boy could outrun all his playmates. When he competed in the Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany, people used words like "express" and "comet" to describe him. Owens won an amazing four Olympic gold medals in track and field events—and demonstrated to the world that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's theory of racial inferiority was wrong. An athlete, humanitarian, speaker, and author, Owens dedicated his later years to helping the youth of America reach for greatness.

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"A well written biography for children…It is factual and interesting. This is an introduction that gives just the right amount of information for the intended audience."

Southern Maine Library District, September 1, 2013

". . . offers accessible biographies for younger students or older struggling readers."

Library Media Connection, October 2013

"Clear writing, appropriate primary sources, and ease of reading . . . make these a good place to direct younger readers."

BayViews, May 2013

". . . an excellent resource about Jesse Owens."

Association of Region XI School Libraries

". . . overall, the language is simple and straightforward . . . These introductions will be useful for reports and for independent reading."

School Library Journal, April 2013

". . . introduction to a fascinating man who used his own fame to help others."

Reading Today, posted February 20, 2013

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$25.27 $18.95 + Add to wish list

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