Picture of Jesse Bowman: A Union Boy's War Story
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Jesse Bowman

A Union Boy's War Story

Series: Historical Fiction Adventures (HFA)

By Tom McGowen

In this action-packed historical fiction novel, Jesse Bowman joins the Union Army in hopes of finding adventure. However, this teenage soldier learns that victory comes at a great cost. He discovers the hardships of war, the horror of battle, and the loss of friendship on his journey through the Civil War. Join Tom McGowen as he tells the story of one boy’s contribution to the Union’s triumph over the Confederacy.

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"The 'Real History Behind the Story' section is a great addition to this historical fiction series. These would be excellent books for teachers to use in their classrooms, because they intertwine American history with realistic tales."

Library Media Connection, March 2008

"The writing is crisp, the story filled with action and adventure, and yet great attention is paid to the accuracy of the historical detail."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2008

"A good introduction to American history and historical fiction."

Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, April 15, 2008

"McGowen . . . fills the book with accurate historical details that provide insight into the daily trials of army life during the Civil War . . . this title will be well received by many readers ages eight through twelve."

Catholic Library World, September 2008

". . . readers interested in the Civil War will enjoy the story."

School Library Journal, July 2008

"The narrative follows young Jesse Bowman’s story and does an excellent job of incorporating real events such as Civil War battles, weapons, uniforms, rations, living conditions, and the effects of the war on both soldiers and civilians."

Children's Literature

"The new Historical Fiction Adventure series aims to mix accurate history with a strong story . . . readers will certainly get a sense of what war is like. McGowen covers some interesting aspects of the war that will be unfamiliar to most readers . . ."

Booklist, April 15, 2008

"Elementary libraries with grades 3-6 readers seeking solid historical fiction with vivid plots based on real-world action will appreciate . . . Hannah Pritchard . . . and Jesse Bowman . . . Each book includes not only a vivid story line based on facts, but a summary, discussion questions, activities and bibliography geared to Internet research. Both are very highly recommended picks."

Children's Bookwatch, March 2008

978-0-7660-4944-4 $31.27 $23.45 + Add to wish list
$31.27 $23.45 + Add to wish list

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