Picture of Energy: Green Science Projects About Solar, Wind, and Water Power
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Green Science Projects About Solar, Wind, and Water Power

Series: Team Green Science Projects

By Robert Gardner

What material best absorbs solar energy? How can wind and water be used to create energy? How does insulation affect heat flow? Explore ways to create and conserve energy with author Robert Gardner. Use easy-to-find materials and the scientific method to explore green energy. For readers interested in science fairs, many experiments are followed by ideas for science fair projects.

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". . . the easy format and the information included is excellent . . . Good research book on this subject matter."

Southern Maine Library District

". . . the author includes easily understood explanations of the science behind the experiments . . . a well written science project book."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2011

"All are highly recommended, especially for children's public or school library collections."

Children's Bookwatch, January 2011

". . . these demonstrations and suggestions for science fair projects are designed to get kids thinking past an immediate assignment and addressing bigger questions with a bit more depth than prompted by normal science fair books. Gardner provides short expository sections at the beginning of each chapter, and this feature is particularly important in a book on energy."

Children's Literature

"Gardner's in-depth exploration of green topics will inspire interested students to think outside of the book to discover dynamic science-fair projects and perhaps even pursue careers in thc ever-expanding field of green science."

School Library Journal, April 2011

"Gardner clearly meets his goal of providing a hands-on way for students to better understand why it is important to both conserve energy and develop renewable sources . . . a very useful resource for science teachers who are looking for innovative ways to engage their students in teaching about both nonrenewable and renewable energy."

Delaware County Library System, February 2011

". . . a great title for eighth graders looking for a first science project."

Association of Region XI School Libraries

978-0-7660-5417-2 $35.27 $26.45 + Add to wish list
$35.27 $26.45 + Add to wish list

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