Picture of Elvis Presley: "I Want to Entertain People"
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Elvis Presley

"I Want to Entertain People"

Series: American Rebels

By John Micklos, Jr.

“Elvis has left the building.” A record television audience of some 60 million people watched Elvis Presley on THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW the night of September 9, 1956. With his ground-breaking television performances and many number-one hits, that year saw the Elvis phenomenon grow to massive proportions. Girls went into hysterics over him and boys emulated his style. Adults feared the effect rock and roll, and Elvis in particular, had on their teenagers. Elvis became the world's biggest pop icon and changed the face of American pop culture. He became the King of Rock and Roll. Over the years, Elvis' career evolved from rock-and-roll rebel to movie star to ballad crooner to Las Vegas performer, experiencing several downfalls and comebacks along the way. Even after his death in 1977, his music, movies, and life continue to fascinate the public.

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"The author has written a balanced biography of a much loved entertainer."

Children's Literature

"Skillfully chosen photos, chapter notes, and suggested-reading lists complete these well-researched, wholly engaging introductions to iconoclastic individuals whose continual questioning of authority and conventional wisdom will hit home with teen readers."

Booklist, November 1, 2010

"Good photos, well-researched information and further reading add to this book’s interesting introduction to this American rebel."

Association of Region XI School Libraries

"Presented as a rebel who tested authority and boundaries, this biography of Elvis will have teen appeal."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2010

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