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Catch Me If I Fall

Series: West 44 Books

By Claudia Recinos Seldeen

Angela has been training on a trapeze since she was a child. She loves the dizzying heights, the acrobatics, and the way it tests her strength. But she doesn’t love the way her Guatemalan mother is always pushing her to train harder because “immigrants have to try twice as hard just to shine half as bright.” When Angela’s best friend introduces her to boxing, she finds something that makes her genuinely happy. There’s no pressure to be graceful and no expectation to be perfect. But the more Angela practices boxing, the more she realizes her pursuit of happiness might risk her reputation for perfection. And if she’s not the perfect daughter, then who is she?

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$25.80 $19.40 + Add to wish list
9781978596351 $16.35 $14.20 + Add to wish list

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