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Biggest vs. Smallest Slimy, Scaly Creatures

Series: Biggest vs. Smallest Animals

By Susan K. Mitchell

This reptile can be confused with a dragon! Is it a dragon? Is it a lizard? The Komodo dragon is actually a lizard—the biggest lizard in the world! The dwarf gecko is one of the smallest reptiles in the world! Read about and compare the biggest and smallest lizards, frogs, and snakes.

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"Bright, color photographs and text boxes throughout make this an attractive and interesting non-fiction resource."

Southern Maine Library District, March 13, 2012

". . . a great tool to use for teachers to teach compare/contrast lessons to their students."

Garland Independent School District, January 26, 2011

"Boys beginning to read should especially enjoy this."

Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, February 24, 2011

"Beginning nonfiction readers will be able to follow the simple text . . ."

Richardson Independent School District, April 5, 2011

". . . a helpful resource in lower level research on these particular species."

Denver Public Schools, February 17, 2011

"An appropriate introductory information book for young children."

Children's Literature

"Large color photographs and generous amounts of white space make these titles very attractive for young readers."

Library Media Connection, May/June 2011

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