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Hunters of the Night

Series: Animals After Dark

By Elaine Landau

In the dark of night, the world of bats comes to life. Sometimes they scare people as they swoop through the skies, but a lot of bats are harmless. You might not believe it, but many of them are helpful to people! BATS: HUNTERS OF THE NIGHT tells the inside story of these winged mammals, from what they eat and where they live to how they find their way in the dark.

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"These titles will be popular with browsers and are useful for reports."

School Library Journal, August 2007

"Librarians looking for animal books with a nighttime focus will find this series helpful . . ."

Library Media Connection, October 2007

"Each book offers a straightforward introduction to the title animal. The clear text features interesting facts about each animal's life and habitat . . . Photographs, often of the animals in action, will catch young readers' attentions."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2007

"The photos are clear and sharp . . . The text is informative, engaging and easy to read."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, May 2007

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