Picture of Baby Animals of the Tropical Rain Forest
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Baby Animals of the Tropical Rain Forest

Series: Nature's Baby Animals

By Carmen Bredeson

Meet cute baby animals of the tropical rain forest! Each spread introduces a new baby animal that lives in the tropical rain forest. Beautiful full-page photographs of elephants, butterflies, the endangered orangutan, and more make this a great tool to introduce habitats and biomes to young readers. This easy-to-read book fills a need for nonfiction science readers while entertaining students with stunning color photos and fascinating facts.

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"Simply written, the series offers readers a straightforward introduction to baby animals of various biomes . . . Young readers will be able to easily grasp the concepts discussed in the text, as well as be able to see excellent examples of each animal in their natural surroundings."

Library Media Connection, January/February 2009

". . . a great book for lookers and early readers . . ."

Denton Independent School District, October 22, 2008

". . . a very simple introduction . . . Eye-catching and fun."

Children's Bookwatch, September 2008

". . . shares great information about some animals relatively unknown to children . . . In addition to the clear text, the photography is beautiful, often giving an up-close look at each baby animal. This would be a great addition to any library serving younger readers or 2nd language learners."

Richardson Independent School District, June 9, 2009

"The text is large & easy to read . . ."

San Jose Unified School District, November 2008

". . . simply written, this volume includes all the sections one would expect in a well-written nonfiction text . . . The richly colored photographs enhance the simple text that is written in a large, easy-to-read font . . . While this book will engage the youngest of readers, it would also be a great offering for older reluctant readers."

Catholic Library World, September 2009

". . . simple, clearly explained text . . . an easy-to-read presentation of the facts . . . a very good introduction to the animals of the tropical rain forests for most elementary students . . . a good addition to the animal section of an elementary level library."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2008

". . . young children are invited to learn accurate information about animals in specific habitats . . . filled with interesting facts . . . provides good informational reading for students in grades 1 through 3 . . . it could be used as an introduction to a unit integrating science and geography."

National Science Teachers Association Recommends Web site, posted January 14, 2009

"Beautiful (and adorable) photographs are the highlight of this book."

Denver Public Schools, October 7, 2008

". . . easy-to-read volumes . . . The clear and bright photographs are the highlights . . ."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2009

"Easy to read text."

Lincoln Public Schools, March 2009

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