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Alma Flor Ada

An Author Kids Love

Series: Authors Kids Love

By Michelle Parker-Rock

Alma Flor Ada grew up in Cuba, moving to the United States as a college student. She is the author of over two hundred books for children, many of them in both English and Spanish. ALMA FLOR ADA: AN AUTHOR KIDS LOVE is based on an interview with Alma Flor Ada by Michelle Parker-Rock. Readers can learn all about Alma Flor Ada’s childhood and how it influenced her writing. Alma Flor Ada tells how she works today and offers advice on how kids can become writers themselves. Filled with childhood pictures and personal quotes.

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"A gem of a biography made special because it is based on an interview with the author."

Irving Independent School District, June 2, 2012

". . . numerous photos, many from the authors' own collections, bring a more personal perspective to the figures."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2009

"These attractive books are based on personal interviews with the featured writers . . . Well written, interesting, and useful for reports, these biographies are solid choices."

School Library Journal, November 2008

"This interesting and informative book presents a fairly detailed look at her childhood, education, and family life as well as her writing. Crisply written, it is filled with personal information, first-person quotations, and informative sidebars, as well as color photographs and offers a glimpse into her life that will appeal to both elementary and middle school readers."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2008

"Children will love learning about this wonderful author, her life, and her motivations that made her the awesome author that she is."

Association of Region XI School Libraries

". . . a fascinating biography . . ."

Pasadena Independent School District, June 25, 2008

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