Picture of African-American Soldiers in the Civil War: Fighting for Freedom
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African-American Soldiers in the Civil War

Fighting for Freedom

Series: The Civil War Library

By Carin T. Ford

The role of blacks in the Civil War has been largely overlooked in history books. Many students are unaware that thousands upon thousands of black soldiers risked their lives for the chance to live as free Americans. After a concise introduction to slavery and the Civil War, author Carin T. Ford paints a vivid picture of black soldiers on and off the battlefield—the obstacles they faced, the determination with which they fought, and their status in the aftermath of the war. This well-researched narrative is chock-full of riveting, heartbreaking, and inspiring facts and true stories of sacrifice and bravery.

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"The book is well illustrated . . . Students in the early to middle elementary grades will find this to be a clear, detailed, and visually interesting account."

MultiCultural Review, Winter 2004

“The text, illustrations, photographs, and time line all play an important role in conveying the struggles and triumphs experienced by these men, despite the prejudice against them. Emphasizing a subject that is not often addressed when teaching the Civil War, this book can also be used in character-education units on such topics as courage and perseverance.”

School Library Journal, October 2004

"Effective books for the young reader who wants to know about the Civil War."

Library Materials Guide, Spring 2005

“. . . well-researched volume . . . an in-depth examination with specific examples, appropriate to the grade level . . . an appealing book for use in the upper elementary grades where there is concern with including multicultural material in the curriculum.”

Library Media Connection, November/December 2004

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