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Ace Your Oral or Multimedia Presentation

Series: Ace It! Information Literacy Series

By Lisa Bullard

Giving a presentation may sound scary, but it doesn’t have to give you nightmares! From advice on note-taking and writing to suggestions on how much music and illustrations you should include, ACE YOUR ORAL OR MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION makes it easy to go step-by-step through the writing process to create and give a memorable presentation.

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"Targeting students as researchers and presenters, this series provides step-by-step procedures. The inviting format uses bulleted lists, color insets, and real-world examples to help students understand the processes involved."

Library Media Connection, August/September 2009

"This book’s colorful pictures, useful graphics, and informative sidebars make the daunting task of oral or multimedia presentations seem fun and exciting, and will be a useful tool in elementary school classrooms."

Children's Literature

". . . show how assignments can be accomplished efficiently."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2009

"The information is clearly written and the steps are broken down into manageable pieces."

Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries, August 4, 2009

"These attractive books will be excellent starting points for students tackling any of the topics under discussion. The approach in each is logical and organized, presenting the steps to be followed in clear, precise prose that flows easily . . . These titles will work for independent readers, and they will also be good resources for teachers or librarians to offer when they sense that students may be intimidated by either the research process or by making presentations."

School Library Journal, April 2009

978-0-7660-3391-7 $27.93 $20.95 + Add to wish list

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