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A Look at the Nineteenth Amendment

Women Win the Right to Vote

Series: The Constitution of the United States

By Helen Koutras Bozonelis

The right to vote is the bedrock of our democratic society – but a sad historical footnote to this universal right is the fact that the Nineteenth Amendment which granted women the right to vote wasn’t passed until 1920. Author Bozonelis chronicles the struggles of the dedicated and brave women who endured unimaginable hardship and endless public censure in their quest to earn this simple right. Even more, Bozonelis’ book shows how the Nineteenth Amendment was merely a first, important step in American women’s long journey toward equality in the United States and helped give life to the modern women’s movement and its continued efforts to make men and women truly equal.

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"These thorough introductions to the title amendments will be useful resources for middle- and high-school researchers."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2009

"Extremely readable and engaging, a worthwhile purchase for both the public and school library."

Southern Maine Library District, May 9, 2009

"A great addition to most high school collections."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2008

"This book is up to date, exceptionally well organized, clearly written, and offers up a variety of interesting visuals."

Tucson Unified School District, August 2008

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