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Author Lisa Bullard has written over forty children’s books. She gives presentations in schools and libraries. Young people are her favorite audience.

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Ace Your Oral or Multimedia Presentation

Ace Your Oral or Multimedia Presentation

Lisa Bullard
Giving a presentation may sound scary, but it doesn’t have to give you nightmares! From advice on note-taking and writing to suggestions on how much music and illustrations you should include, ACE YOUR ORAL OR MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION makes it easy to go step-by-step through the writing process to create and give a memorable presentation...Read More

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Lisa's Latest Blog Entries

Road Scholar

I once had an “aha” moment while giving my nephew a ride on a beautiful summer day. He was in that early stage of adolescence: old enough to sit in the front seat, but young enough that riding shotgun was exciting. But during this ride, he was giving off strange signals. He twitched. He wiggled. He squirmed.… more

Rev Their Engines

Sometimes, despite cramming plenty of action and conflict into my writing, it still falls flat. I want the words to leap off the page and grab readers by the throat, and instead they flop around gasping for breath. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward revision trick that can rejuvenate such writing: a verb check. I start by going through the piece and underlining or highlighting every verb.… more

Where She Went

I love book spine poetry, and it’s a great way to get young writers to engage with both books and poetry-writing. Check out your own shelves and see what stories emerge. Here are some of my own efforts to show you how easy it can be. Where She Went Looking for Alaska
Chasing Vermeer
Tracking daddy down
Looking for Alibrandi
In search of Mockingbird
Where the kissing never stops Reality check Reality check:
Don’t you know there’s a war on?… more

Mile Marker

“Assumptions” cause misunderstandings in life, but they can be a handy tool for writers.

Driving a Compact

In my town, parallel parking was known as the “skill most likely to rattle” new driving candidates and ultimately cause them to flunk their on-road driving test. Luckily for me, I was assigned a gigantic pickup truck the day we practiced parallel parking in the student lot for Driver’s Ed class. By the time class was over, I could have wedged the Titanic between icebergs and come out safely on the other side (as long as the icebergs had highly visible orange safety cones sticking up out of the water).… more
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