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Carl Linnaeus

Father of Classification, Revised Edition

Series: Great Minds of Science

By Margaret J. Anderson

Carl Linnaeus is known as the father of classification. He developed a system for naming living things that helped with the exchange of ideas among scientists. Linnaeus's system, which we still use today, is known as binomial nomenclature. For his innovations in classification, Linnaeus is remembered as one of the great minds of science. This revised edition is now in full color.

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". . . does an excellent job of explaining and illustrating Carl Linnaeus’ life."

Association of Region XI School Libraries

". . . a well-written biography that would fulfill science biography assignments more than adequately."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2009

"We are given a glimpse into Linnaeus’s personality, personal life and his work in a factual, language appropriate revised edition."

Tucson Unified School District, September 2009

"These well-written biographies of famous scientists recount important developments in botany or astronomy as well as providing information about the scientists' personal lives and the time periods in which they lived. Together, the books show how the practice of science has changed over different historical eras."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2009

". . . this is a high-quality publication that would be an excellent resource for a biography on Linnaeus."

Science Books & Films, September 2009

"This book focuses on Linnaeus’s academic and scientific accomplishments, his travels, and his writings . . . the relevance of Linnaeus' work shines through."

Children's Literature

". . . the book does an admirable job of chronicling Linnaeus’s personal and professional life."

National Science Teachers Association Recommends Web site, posted June 2, 2009

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