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Who on Earth is Aldo Leopold?

Father of Wildlife Ecology

Series: Scientists Saving the Earth

By Glenn Scherer and Marty Fletcher

Aldo Leopold was an American ecologist, forester, and environmentalist. He helped create the world’s first designated wilderness area. He was also influential in the development of modern environmental ethics and in the movement for wilderness preservation. In this biography, authors Glenn Scherer and Marty Fletcher chronicle the life and work of Aldo Leopold, who has been called the most significant conservationist of the 20th century.

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"The book is well organized and researched with plenty to recommend it as a biography source for students . . ."

Richardson Independent School District, August 13, 2012

". . . the text is easy-to-read and quite informative . . ."

Library Media Connection, November/December 2009

"Young readers who take this chance to become acquainted with such an engaging and devoted ecologist might even be inspired to follow in his footsteps."

Children's Literature

"Recommended for science biography research, or for any student interested in the environment."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2009

"With so few biographies about ecologists, this book could be used not only for science but for social studies and geography as well."

National Science Teachers Association Recommends Web site, posted December 7, 2009

"This would be a great addition to a school or children’s collection not only for its timeliness of subject, but also for the well organized nature of the book."

Catholic Library World, June 2010

". . . an outstanding job on telling the story of Aldo Leopold’s life and career focus."

Denton Independent School District, November 3, 2009

". . . a good introduction to Leopold’s life and work and will be useful for reports."

Southern Maine Library District, November 16, 2009

". . . this series is most appropriate for a middle school audience and will be a useful reference for those doing research on environmental issues or scientists."

VOYA, February 2010

". . . readers will get a sense of the subjects' importance in their fields."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2010

"A great new person for biography books."

Essex County Association of School Librarians, October 2009

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