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Things That Burn

Series: West 44 Books

By A.M. Rogers

It’s a hot, dry summer in Harper’s hometown in Southern California. Things are heating up at home, too. Harper lives full-time with firefighter father. But he’s expecting a new baby with his new wife, and Harper feels like the odd person out. The only time Harper feels okay is when she’s on stage—pretending to be anyone but herself. When a wildfire breaks out nearby, everything shuts down. Now Harper’s stuck with her stepmom at home, waiting for her father to return home alive. As her world starts to burn, Harper has to decide how to act—and hope it makes a difference.

Paperback Book9781978596108$16.35$14.20

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$25.80 $19.40 + Add to wish list
9781978596108 $16.35 $14.20 + Add to wish list

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