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The Ramones

Series: Bands That Rock!

By Brian J. Bowe

The Ramones' logo T-shirts and "Hey! Ho! Let's go!" chant are familiar around the world, but a lot of people might not know the degree to which the Ramones reshaped pop music. Striking photographs, fascinating personal facts, and an engaging narrative will show readers how the band unleashed punk rock on the world with two-minute bursts of energy, combining bubblegum pop sensibilities with teenage boredom and pop culture references that created a wall of sound unlike anything audiences had heard before. This book reveals how the Ramones helped create a style of music that continues to resonate from sweaty clubs to baseball stadiums.

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9781978504103 $38.27 $28.70 + Add to wish list
$38.27 $28.70 + Add to wish list

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