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The Ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex

Series: Dinosaur World

By Natalie K. Humphrey

The Tyrannosaurus rex was a deadly predator that is believed to have eaten nearly any prey it came across. Reaching more than 40 feet tall with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, the Tyrannosaurs rex was the king of dinosaurs. Through vivid illustrations of both what scientists believe these dinosaurs looked like and what their homes may have looked like, young readers will discover what life was like millions of years ago. With important facts about where the Tyrannosaurus rex was discovered and what is known about it, young readers will learn how the Tyrannosaurs rex ferociously ruled the Cretaceous era.

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9781978521056 $23.60 $17.70 + Add to wish list
$23.60 $17.70 + Add to wish list

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