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The Fascinating History of American Indians

The Age Before Columbus

Series: America's Living History

By Tim McNeese

Before Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Caribbean, the landscape of the United States looked much different. Thousands of years ago ancient hunters migrated to North America following the animals they hunted for food. These ancient peoples spread out across the land and developed distinct American Indian cultures in various regions. Follow author Tim McNeese as he examines the extraordinary history of American Indians from the Anasazi cliff dwellers in the West to the great Iroquois Confederacy in the East.

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". . . a very good source of information . . . It is easily understood . . ."

Association of Region XI School Libraries

"The book presents easy reading for the young student while explaining various opinions and facts about the history of the American Indian."

Pasadena Independent School District, June 25, 2008

". . . packed with significant information . . . Very readable and interesting for all audiences."

Tucson Unified School District, September 2008

"This thorough discussion of Native American life prior to Columbus's arrival combines theories of archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, and scientists to provide an engaging portrayal of the daily experiences of regional tribes."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2009

"The author does an excellent job of explaining terms within context as well as giving pronunciation guides within the text thus saving flipping continually to the glossary . . . recommended for middle school collections because of the attractive format and the solid overview of Native Americans prior to the arrival of Columbus in the western hemisphere."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2008

"Does an excellent job of painting a broad picture of the first humans to migrate to the Americas and how their environment impacted their culture."

Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries, September 9, 2008

"Each one is well sourced, includes extensive back matter, and has a full complement of supporting color photographs or other illustrations that makes it accessible and useful to report writers and general readers."

School Library Journal, Fall 2008

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