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The Civil War's African-American Soldiers Through Primary Sources

Series: The Civil War Through Primary Sources

By Carin T. Ford

The Civil War began as a struggle to reunite a divided nation, and it became a fight to end slavery. For African-American soldiers, the cause was always greater—freedom. African Americans had been enslaved in the United States for more than two hundred years. Slavery had fractured the nation into two parts, North and South. Through primary sources, author Carin T. Ford explores the brave African-American soldiers who helped the Union win the Civil War and abolish slavery forever.

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"With today’s demand for resources that include primary sources, the series…offers a general overview for report writers in 4th-8th grades."

Garland Independent School District, January 5, 2014

"A must for report writers and a good choice for those with an interest in the topic."

Denver Public Schools, September 22, 2013

". . . gives several accounts that offer the reader a new perspective . . . The series is easy to read and understand which makes it a student-friendly resource."

Library Media Connection, November/December 2013

". . . an excellent source to introduce any reader, especially a reluctant reader to the Civil War through the eyes of an African-American."

Arlington Independent School District, March 25, 2013

978-0-7660-5725-8 $27.27 $20.45 + Add to wish list
$27.27 $20.45 + Add to wish list

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