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Temple Raiders

An Unofficial Minecraft® Adventure

Series: Minecraft® Explorers

By Jill Keppeler

Kayla's main project in the group's Minecraft base is the map wall, and while she's filling out her third map, she comes across something special: a desert temple! Excited, she returns to enlist her sister Jaz to help with the adventure. Jaz, however, isn't nearly so sure she wants any kind of adventure that includes dangerous falling sand, prickly cacti, husk zombies that can attack in daylight, and explosive TNT traps. Still, the sisters will need each other's skills to succeed and make it home with their loot.

Paperback Book9781978595064$13.35$11.60

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9781978595088 $23.25 $17.45 + Add to wish list
$23.25 $17.45 + Add to wish list
9781978595064 $13.35 $11.60 + Add to wish list

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