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Surviving Your First High School Party

Series: Teen Survival Guide

By Alexis Burling

Going to the first high school party should be loads of fun. There's yummy snacks, tons of friends to hang out with, and it's free time away from parents and homework. But there are other factors that might seem a little terrifying, at least at first. Like slow dancing with members of the opposite sex or a first kiss, or even not getting asked to do either at all. Kids may be worried about older kids in attendance, or the presence of alcohol or drugs. This book offers practical tips on how to get through the night, and the next day at school, with confidence. Through a compelling and non-judgmental tone, readers will gain the skills they need to get their 'party on' in style.

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9780766093430 $28.93 $21.70 + Add to wish list
$28.93 $21.70 + Add to wish list

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