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Surviving a First Date

Series: Teen Survival Guide

By Taylor Morris

It happens once for every couple, the first date. The crush, the pining, the wondering, and the daydreaming has now come to fruition. It's when two people take their growing attraction for each other to the next level, which is public acknowledgement of a romantic kind. Whether young or old, the first date will always cause jitters. This book offers the best advice, the worst-case scenarios, and the sweetest, funniest, and most "awww-worthy" moments from the dating archives. Whether on a group date or one-on-one, teens will appreciate the background they'll have obtained from this book, allowing them to graciously experience a great first date.

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9780766093416 $28.93 $21.70 + Add to wish list
$28.93 $21.70 + Add to wish list

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