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So You Want to Be a Film or TV Screenwriter?

Series: Careers in Film and Television

By Amy Dunkleberger

This book in the CAREERS IN FILM AND TELVISION series focuses on the art of screenwriting, the foundation of contemporary filmmaking. The process of scriptwriting involves many steps, from idea to final draft. Until the late 1920s, films were silent. With the invention of movie sound, screenwriters began to put words into the mouths of actors. With that, the modern screenplay—that unique expression of pictures and sound—was born.

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"This book will capture the attention of students and keep them reading until the end."

San Jose Unified School District, May 2007

". . . a great addition to middle school library career education sections."

Denton Independent School District, April 20, 2007

". . . provides an overview of the kinds of work screenwriters, directors, and animators do."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2007

". . . a good introduction along with lots of details/information."

Omaha Public Schools

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