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Robert Cormier

Banned, Challenged, and Censored

Series: Authors of Banned Books

By Wendy Hart Beckman

Robert Cormier was one of the most widely respected authors of young adult fiction. His books have been acclaimed by critics and loved by readers. However, his realistic worldview and mature themes and language have made him a target of those who do not believe young people should be exposed to such books in school. Author Wendy Hart Beckman discusses Cormier’s life and times and analyzes three of his best known books. She also explores the history and current state of book censorship, showing why it occurs and how it can be addressed. She helps readers decide for themselves whether the books should be banned.

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"Through well researched text with documentation, the reader finds a very human, personable Cormier . . ."

Association of Region XI School Libraries

"In each biography, the authors do an excellent job of looking at both sides of the censorship debate while examining the life and works of the two authors . . . The comprehensive notes and additional information at the end of each book will lead researchers to more information and fans to a complete list of published works . . . these biographies will enhance collections through the biographers' exhaustive research and their well-drawn portraits of each author's life."

VOYA, December 2008

"There are wonderful discussion questions included, as well as extensive notes on where students can go for more information."

Garland Independent School District, November 17, 2008

". . . an excellent reference . . ."

Delaware County Library System, July 17, 2008

". . . suitable for high school literature courses that deal with the work of various authors. Also applicable for civics classes when discussing censorship."

Clark County School District, September 18, 2008

"Aspiring authors would be likely to enjoy and benefit from the book, and it could also be a great tool for high school reading and writing teachers to use with their students."

Pasadena Independent School District, July 8, 2008

"A helpful overview of the works of a major YA author."

School Library Journal, September 2008

"Very good book for class discussions on censorship and what it means."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2008

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