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Pioneering Women

True Tales of the Wild West

Series: True Tales of the Wild West

By Jeff Savage

"A six shooter makes all men and women equal." Agnes Morley not only coined this phrase, but also backed it up by carrying a gun. While many women in the Wild West did not carry a gun, Morley's quote represented the brave spirit of all pioneering women. Early expeditions to the unexplored West included women, such as Sacagawea, who helped Lewis and Clark reach the Pacific. As Americans settled the West, women took on important roles as ranchers, teachers, homesteaders, miners, outlaws, and reformers. From Calamity Jane to Carry Nation, author Jeff Savage examines the amazing women pioneers of the Wild West.

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"…an enlightening book with a slightly different take on the subject."

BookLinx Book Evaluation Program

"Written as an informative series of books on the wild west for middle grade students, and specifically for reluctant readers, this . . . series does a good job of engaging a reader via period photographs, succinct and informative text, all within a compact presentation appreciated by the difficult to engage reader."

Richardson Independent School District, August 6, 2012

". . . is aimed at reluctant middle grade readers, but advanced readers will also find the book interesting."

Children's Literature

". . . a terrific resource for understanding what life was like in the wild west in the 19th century . . . This is a great resource both for information on the Westward Expansion and Women’s History."

Book Buzz, November 2012

". . . a good book for Women’s History month."

Eastern Washington Book Review Council

"The text is presented in an easy to understand manner."

Infolink Book Evaluation Program, March 22, 2012

"Girls will enjoy reading about these famous pioneering women especially the outlaws."

Delaware County Library System, January 17, 2012

"Each dynamic lure gives way to concise, spirited accounts that explain the historical context of each featured Wild West bunch."

School Library Journal, April 2012

". . . sure to secure the attention of middle school reluctant readers of both sexes."

Children's Bookwatch, February 2012

"This easy to read book could be a good first research location if a student were looking for names of women to delve deeper into. This book would be best as an upper elementary resource."

Denver Public Schools, February 15, 2012

978-0-7660-4803-4 $23.60 $17.70 + Add to wish list
$23.60 $17.70 + Add to wish list

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