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No Hitting, Henry

Don't Hurt

Series: You Choose

By Lisa Regan

Children will follow Henry as he deals with his feelings of anger and his bad habit of hitting through various situations involving friends and family. His big brother Ben cheats at hide-and-seek. A group of children playing in the park leave him out of their game. His father asks him to behave while they shop. Readers are given a description of the situation, three choices, the action chosen by the character, and consequences of that choice. The interactive question-and-answer approach engages the reader in real-life situations while the charming, colorful illustrations keep the tone of the book whimsical and playful.

Library Bound Book9780766087026$26.27$19.70

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9780766087033 $26.27 $19.70 + Add to wish list
$26.27 $19.70 + Add to wish list

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