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Nick Saban

Series: Championship Coaches

By John Fredric Evans

What's Nick Saban's secret? How did a football coach some derided as a liar, quitter, and mercenary tie the college record for most national championships in the history of the sport? This book details Saban's journey from his humble beginnings in West Virginia and abortive stint in the NFL to the pinnacle of success at Alabama. Students will learn exactly how Saban keeps his recruiting classes atop the rankings and the Crimson Tide in title contention, year after year. The sensitivity beneath Saban's stoic exterior may be surprising, but a closer look at his life reveals that it is a critical part of his psychological makeup. Embedded in his experiences are lessons of leadership useful in all walks of life, from helping very different personalities reach their fullest potential to moving on from both achievements and setbacks with the focus of a perennial winner.

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