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Monstrous Medicine

Series: Creepy, Kooky Science

By Hannah Isbell

The history of medicine is chock full of weird and wild remedies as well as brilliant breakthroughs. Through entertaining text, full-color images, and intriguing sidebars, readers will explore the most bizarre medical treatments of the past, including elixirs made of toxic metals, dressings of dung, corpse cures, and cupping. By examining the innovative ways different cultures around the world utilized the resources they had available to them to treat illness and injury, students will also learn the difference between weird science and quackery. They'll discover how some monstrous medical missteps led to modern medical miracles.

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9781978513792 $28.93 $21.70 + Add to wish list
$28.93 $21.70 + Add to wish list
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