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Mi primer perro/My First Dog

Series: My First Pet Bilingual Library from the American Humane Association

By Linda Bozzo

How do I choose a dog? Now in Spanish and English, with help from the American Humane Association, this book will help you choose the right dog and show you how to care for your new pet. Learn what your new dog needs to stay healthy.

Library Ed.978-0-7660-3032-9$23.94$17.95

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"All of the titles in the series are designed to help young readers understand the responsibilities that they take on when selecting a pet."

Library Media Connection, January/February 2009

"The students will love the two languages in the same book. The pictures are great and interesting . . . They are both a plus for any elementary library."

Killeen Independent School District, August 22, 2008

". . . an informative book that sets the basic elements for a successful outcome when thinking about getting a pet."

Denver Public Schools, October 15, 2008

". . . a well organized book that provides useful information that is both eas to read and appealing for the reader."

Richardson Independent School District, September 8, 2008

". . . this informative series will be a wonderful addition to school libraries and serve well for bilingual thematic units on animals."

Críticas, September 15, 2008

". . . easy-to-read text . . . Factual information and presentation."

Clark County School District, September 7, 2008

". . . a basic guide to owning a dog in text accessible to early independent readers."

Denton Independent School District, October 22, 2008

"The book is well written, easy to read, has great pictures and is very informative . . . A great book for individual reading or class discussion!"

Pasadena Independent School District, October 2, 2008

978-0-7660-3032-9 $23.94 $17.95 + Add to wish list

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