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Matty in the Goal

Series: A Champion Sports Story

By Stuart A.P. Murray

Matty Wells loves soccer. Unfortunately, he isn't any good at it. And he certainly isn't the hero of his team, the Canyon Cannons, like the star player Gibb Moore. Matty volunteers to be the team's new goalie, but things don’t get any better. Gibb scores the goals for the team and gets the glory, while Matty stands untested in the goal. Then Matty meets a new coach, Bobako, who helps him practice and improve his skills. Can Matty become the team's new superstar? Will he be able to make the big save in the team's final game? Follow Matty in this action-packed soccer fiction story as he learns to play goalie like a champion.

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978-0-7660-4869-0 $30.60 $22.95 + Add to wish list
$30.60 $22.95 + Add to wish list

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